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Identity Theft! Oh No! Don't let this happen to you!

Who stole the room!  Is it a Living Room.....Office.......Closet?????  Don't let this happen to your Occupied Home Seller!

This poor room has lost it's identity and doesn't know what it's purpose in life is anymore!! 

If this room doesn't know what it is, how is a potential buyer suppose to know what it is?

A quick call to a Professional Stager can fix this problem and help this room find it's value and purpose in life!







 Ahhhhhh.......a Dining Room!  Who knew????

 Now we can pull up a chair, sit down and relax. 

Thank you Professional Home Stager! :)


Hey!  Where's dinner???







This Occupied Murrieta home was staged by 1st Stage Property Transformations a Murrieta Temecula Home Staging Company.


Blog posted by Janice Sutton, Murrieta Temecula Home Stager.  Home staging & marketing homes for the Inland Empire/Riverside County & San Diego County.

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Comment balloon 26 commentsJanice Sutton • November 28 2007 03:33PM


That looks great! The screen in the original photo gives the impression the room was too embarrassed to let itself been seen. There is no reason for the room to be embarrassed now.
Posted by Rosario Lewis, GRI, SRES - DDR Realty - Orange County, NY (DDR Realty) about 10 years ago
Nice "reveal" Janice!
Posted by Terry Haugen STAGE it RIGHT! 321-956-2495 (Stage it Right!) about 10 years ago

Hi Janice,

Stagers really are amazing people.  How rewarding it must be to take something plain or even quite unattractive and make it into something very appealing!

Posted by Leslie Bloss, Bellevue Real Estate Professional about 10 years ago
Love this post!  My favorite use of the dining room is the one with the pool table instead of a DR table.  The buyers will wonder where they are supposed to eat.
Posted by Chelle Gassan, NOVA Realtor and Stager (RE/MAX Regency and Staged Homes VA) about 10 years ago
Janice ~ Great title - you really caught my attention!  The room looks great.  That screen really did nothing except make that area feel very enclosed.  You've opened it up again and given it back its identity!  Nice job!
Posted by Kathy Passarette, L.I. Staging/Decorating (Creative Home Expressions) about 10 years ago
Janice, The room looks wonderful - did you have to buy all the new furniture because ti is not the same as the original furniture.  For many people cost is a factor, Karen
Posted by Karen Kruschka, - "My Experience Isn't Expensive - It's PRICELESS" (RE/MAX Executives) about 10 years ago

Janice - fun post that's definitely an attention grabber! 

Hey, where is dinner?


Posted by Jackie Peraza, Home Stager - Framingham, Massachusetts (Perceptions AdverStaging(TM), LLC) about 10 years ago


What a difference staging makes. Great job and keep sending the before and after pictures. I like to see your work and how it effects the sale of a home.

Mike Lewis

Posted by Mike and Dawn Lewis, The Lewis Team at Keller Williams in San Diego CA (The Lewis Team at Keller Williams) about 10 years ago
Janice, It looks great!  I wonder why the screen was there to begin with...but you did a beautiful job!
Posted by Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher (Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island) about 10 years ago
Janice ~ Wow I love how you opened that room, love what you did !
Posted by Fernando Rosado, 561-906-0050 or 561-840-8950 about 10 years ago
Janice, as always, you've done a beautiful job. Don't you just love to give rooms a purpose and a reason! And great title. I thought, Oh, she needs to know about PrePaid Legal! Glad it wasn't YOUR dentity stolen!
Posted by Roberta Anderson, Hearth & Home Staging, Staging Kitsap County (Hearth & Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Rosario- Thanks!  You got it right...the screen was hiding stuff.  I will find the pic's and add them to my post.

Terry - Thank you very much.  Always looking to help a room find itself!

Leslie - Thank you.  I love what I do.  It is so rewarding and a win-win for all! 

Chelle - Thanks! Yup nothing like eating near the "eight ball in the corner pocket!"  Ugh. :)

Kathy - Ha!  I am glad my "trickery" got you to stop by and comment.  Sometimes I surprise myself! Thanks for your kind words. :)

Karen - Thank you!  The dining room set is in my inventory (I have a great furniture distributor)  and has been used many times over the last year. I have to tell you it is one heavy $#*& $(*&($!  I call it the DINOSAUR!  I would love to sell it soon!  The buffet is actually a bedroom dresser that was blocking french doors so we turned it into a buffet!

Jackie- Glad yoy liked it!  Dinner is my favorite meal.  Let's do dinner in Boston one of my fav cities!

Mike - Thanks for visiting and commenting.  Yes, B&A's are great.  Visual images are KEY in this industry.

Carole- Aww thanks!  I always love it when you stop by.  I will update my pic's and show you why the screen was there. 

Fernando - Thanks! I couldn't believe how big the room was when we removed everything in it.  I ended up bringing in a larger scale dining room set.  Who knew!

Roberta - Thank you for the compliment. I do love it when I can help a room out.  That is one of the best parts about my job...helping.  Glad you liked my title.  And I am glad I don't need any legal advice...whew!

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Janice - Oh, you have no idea how pleased I would be to take you to dinner in Boston!  Dinner is pretty much the only meal I eat all day and so it's definitely my favorite meal - I want it fun and full of good food.  Let me know when you're coming and it's a date!


Posted by Jackie Peraza, Home Stager - Framingham, Massachusetts (Perceptions AdverStaging(TM), LLC) about 10 years ago
Great work!  The room looks twice as large now.
Posted by Kristina Leone (Lionheart Home Staging, LLC) about 10 years ago

Jackie - I have no plans in the near future but I hope to get back to CT (where my sister lives) in the spring!  I will love to meet with you over a cup of New England calm chowda'!  :)

Kristina - Thank you.  The room does look huge now and as we know....square footage helps SELL!

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago
seriously Janice........isn't coming up with blog titles half the fun?  good post and great job!
Posted by Nancy Morrish, Stage Tucson! (Stage Tucson! Professional Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Great hook!

I didn't expect it to be a diningroom.

Posted by Toronto's 2 Hounds Design: Decorating + Staging (2 Hounds Design + Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Nancy - Yes, sometimes I surprise myself!  Lots of fun when you have an "I got it moment."  Thank you very much.

Dane - Glad I hooked you! ;)  Thanks for stopping by.

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago
Janice - You truly do superior work. Your passion for what you do shows.
Posted by Tom Plant (WINEormous.com) about 10 years ago
Tom - Awww....Thank you very much.  I appreciate your kind words. 
Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago
Great example of bringing the right definition back to a room.
Posted by Jo Potvin, Home Staging Cincinnati - Design To Market (Design To Market LLC) about 10 years ago
Janice: Great job, lovely room. Thanks for sharing.
Posted by Mary Lou Teague, Home Style and Staging Knoxville. TN (HOME STYLE AND STAGING LLC ) about 10 years ago

Hi Janice,

Your title caught my attention. 

You did a great job.  It looks more inviting.


Posted by Catherine Sinocruz, Broker-Salesperson, ABR, GRI, CRS (Coldwell Banker Select Real Estate ) about 10 years ago

Jo - I agree.  We need to show potential buyers what they are buying.  Thanks for commenting.

Mary Lou - Thank you.

Catherine - Gotcha! ;)  Thank you.

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago
I have never used staging but am ready to try, you need every extra dollar on every sale thse days.  How much of an increase can be expected.
Posted by Jeffrey Dolfinger, NRBA Member (24/7 Realty Inc.) about 10 years ago

Jeffrey - Glad to hear you are ready try Staging.  I am sure you can find many talented stager's on AR that are in your area.

How much of an increase.....it really depends on the property...location...price...etc.  Advertising Staged Homes will help increase traffic since potential buyers and REA's are looking online before visiting properties.   A fast sale is PRICELESS!  Good luck and happy holidays!

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago