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Sometimes a little staging goes a long way!

Recently I met with a Realtor that called me for a bid on a Temecula, CA vacant property.  She understood the benefits of staging but had never used staging before.  This property had previously been on the market for many months. The Realtor had  gotten the listing one week ago and was trying to figure out why the property hadn't gotten an offer. 

Upon entering the vacant property I viewed this.....

 A sad blue vacant Living Room with a lonely chair and dated window treatments.








Then I saw this...

 A sad blue vacant Dining Room with more dated window treatments.

The Realtor then asked me if she thought the home seller needed to change the carpet. I didn't hold back and told her without a doubt YES!  The carpet was dating the house and potential buyers would have to start their own "To Do" list.  I also told her that the dated window treatments should be removed.  She said those treatments were from 2 owners ago back in 1989! 

Well the home seller wanted to stage the property AS IS and didn't want to hassle with the carpet change and was willing to offer a $10,000 discount.  

Well, I wasn't comfortable staging the "blue" house so I called a flooring company that I use all the time and had them give a bid on the carpet.  The home seller loved the bid and agreed to change the carpet for 1/2 the price of the carpet discount!!! 

A few days before I was set to stage (but still no signed contract in hand...because the client is out of the area) the Realtor called me and said I have some good news for me and some not so good news for you.  The house got an offer!  I was thrilled for her and told her that even though I didn't get the job my goal is the same as hers...to get the house SOLD! 

Am I disappointed I didn't get to stage...yes, a part of me is sad. Am I  glad I was able to help her and her seller...absolutely!  :)

Sometimes a little staging goes a long way!

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Comment balloon 17 commentsJanice Sutton • September 14 2007 12:06AM


Good for you. Never forget the ultimate goal, get that property sold.
Posted by Rosario Lewis, GRI, SRES - DDR Realty - Orange County, NY (DDR Realty) about 13 years ago
Janice, having an attitude like that is going to take you far. You showed professionalism and initiative, no doubt the Realtor will be calling you again.
Posted by Jackson West (Reveal Estate Home Staging - Vancouver) about 13 years ago
I'm glad you love your job so much that you were sad to not have to work...Not many people can say that. Congrats on getting it sold.
Posted by Danielle V. Lewis, DDR Realty (DDR Realty) about 13 years ago
Janice, I too think that Realtor will remember your honesty and absolutely call you again.  Not only that, she will refer you to others---and that can be priceless.  Good luck to you!
Posted by Laura Cerrano, Certified Feng Shui Expert, Speaker & Researcher (Feng Shui Manhattan Long Island) about 13 years ago

Janice, you have the right attitude to be successful in any business!!

Best regards from Charlottesville!

Charles McDonald

Posted by Charles McDonald®, REALTOR®, Principal Broker®, Owner (Charlottesville Real Estate Solutions) about 13 years ago

Rosario - I will never forget this goal.  Unlike many other services used by Realtors to prepare a home for sale (appraiser, electrician, flooring etc..) they do not really care if the house sells. Home Stagers understand that their goal is to get the house SOLD.  We, like Realtors have a reputation to uphold. :)

Jackson - Thank you very much.  I give my all to every job because I truly love what I am doing.  As for the Realtor, I haven't heard back from her yet.  I have left her a message asking if I could take "after" pictures with the new carpet in the home.  No answer.  She is on my list of things to do when I finish my current staging job.

Danielle - Thank you.  Yes, I am very fortunate to have a career that I love!  I always tell people that I finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up!

Carole - You are so sweet.  Thank you for the kind words.  I hope to hear from this Realtor again but if not that is OK too.  There are plenty more to help.

Charles - You make me smile.  If you were to ask me 3 years ago if I would be owning my own business I would respond "No."  Now....look at me go!  I couldn't be happier. 

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 13 years ago


You are incredibly passionate about your job and it clearly shows. I think my favorite part of your post is that you are very happy for your client even though you won't get paid at the end of the day. It's so true, by the end of the day, it's the most important thing to get the home sold ;)



Posted by Cindy Lin, Host, The Home Staging Show podcast (Staged4more School of Home Staging) about 13 years ago
Janice - I hadn't even heard of staging until I joined AR back in June of 06.  I love the concept and think it is of vital importance to our industry.
Posted by Jason Sardi, Your Agent for Life (Auto & Home & Life Insurance throughout North Carolina) about 13 years ago

Cindy - Thank you for your kind words.  I am very passionate about my job and company.  I always say that if you love what you do, you will be very successful!  We are so blessed to love what we do.  :)

Jason - Glad the AR Stager's were able to help you understand the importance of staging.  You are 1 step ahead of your competition! 

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 13 years ago
Janice - This industry needs more people like you. You're doing this for the right reasons. And by the way...20k
Posted by Tom Plant (WINEormous.com) about 13 years ago

Doesn't it feel good when success comes from your advice?  Congrats!

Posted by Tina Parker, CNE, REDM, SRES, CSP Home Staging REALTOR, Halifax (Keller Williams Select Realty) about 13 years ago

Tom - Awww shucks...you made me blush!  Nobody has ever done that for me.  It is amazing how much you can read from my blog.  You are 110% correct!   I am a home stager because I love helping people and I want to share my gift.

Tina - It feels great.  I am so happy I was able to help.

Diane - You sound like my husband. :)  You may be right.  I never charge for a vacant estimate.  Something to think about....but I always say "If I could do this for free I would!"  I guess this time I did.

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 13 years ago
I love when that happens because while we did not get the job, they see how valuable your service is. You went the extra mile for the client, helped get the carpeting for them and saved them money which ultimately SOLD THE HOUSE. That is our only goal...sell the house!
Posted by Phyllis Pafumi, ReStyled to Sell Staging Homes NJ (ReStyled to Sell Home Staging New Jersey) about 13 years ago
Phyllis - Thanks for commenting.  I agree with you 100%.  Bottom line is to get the house SOLD!
Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 13 years ago

Hi Janice,

I have actually HAD to stage a vacant house with horrible blue carpeting which the owner WOULD NOT change, however, I'm happy to report that the house DID sell!   I believe in my heart that the rental furniture helped to make that rug look much more respectable!


Posted by Val Allocco, HSE; ASHSR - Home Stager, for Manhattan, Brooklyn & Long Island (Staged 2 Sell New York & Long Island) about 13 years ago
Janice.  Even though you did not get paid for your advice, you did a good thing.  What goes around will come back around to you my Staging friend. I hope that the Realtor realizes your wisdom :)
Posted by Lori Kim Polk, Home Stager - Roseville, Sacramento ( Premiere Home Staging : Home Staging Services) about 13 years ago
De-Cluttering helps with the mionvg process as well. After all, we know people aren't going to take ALL their stuff to the new place. Some of it will end up at local charities or in the bin start early!
Posted by Felipe almost 9 years ago