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That darn "B"!!!!!!

Yup that dreaded 6 letter word!  BUDGET!!!!

Yup, there is that dirty word.....BUDGET!  Not one you like to hear from your spouse, partner, parent or even client!  However, in today's world the reality is we are all living within a BUDGET!

Recently a Client called me for a Redesign and Paint Consultation for her Temecula Home.  She had lived there for 10 years and was ready to update the look within her BUDGET

Well she came to the right place by calling a Professional Home Stager/Redesigner!   We are use to working with a "B" all the time!  And I was happy to help when the first room she wanted to start with was her 10 year old son's bedroom.

She had already purchased a wall mural online  from Pottery Barn and wanted me to help her pick out the right color to paint the room.  She already had a couple of gray and blue paint card samples.  Unfortunately, the colors were not in the right hue of her mural and she didn't know which walls to paint etc....

Then I got the AH-HA moment!  Asked her how she felt about BLACK? 

She looked horrifed but let me continue.....and I am glad she did!


With just a little sweat, paint and her focal point...the wall mural...here are the finally results! :)


Boys Bedroom - Before


Boys Bedroom - After


So long story short....when on a BUDGET consider calling a Professional Home Stager/Redesigner.  We can be your BUDDY on a BUDGET!!! :)


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Comment balloon 32 commentsJanice Sutton • May 12 2010 03:01PM


Janice: that looks SO COOL! Fantastic job. It's amazing how things don't always have to cost a lot to make a big impact!

Posted by Cari Anderson about 10 years ago

Cari - Thanks so much!  Paint is always a great choice when you want BIG change without BIG price!  

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Janice:  What a great idea!  I love the way it turned out!

Posted by Sidney Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula, Realty Works Temecula (Realty Works Temecula) about 10 years ago

Amazing difference and good eye for color, Janice.  I'm sure she was blown away.  Her leap of faith paid off.  What a great job you did for this client.

Posted by Pam Faulkner, Room Transformations Fairfax & Loudoun Counties VA (Faulkner House Interior Redesign) about 10 years ago

You did an amazing job with that mural.

Posted by Kevin McGourty (Realty ONE Group) about 10 years ago

I like that!  A buddy for your budget!  great work as always, Janice.

Posted by Karen Dembsky, Atlanta Home Staging (Peachtree Home Staging LLC, Home Staging in Atlanta, GA) about 10 years ago

Great choice!  Had you seen that before or one of those gut instincts?  It turned out really good!

Posted by Julie Davis, Amy Blank - Rediscovered Interiors, LLC (Rediscovered Interiors, LLC) about 10 years ago

This looks Fantabulous! (Yes, that's my own word) I don't you just love those Pottery Barn murals ;)but I have to ask - how many coats of paint did it take to get those rich colors? Sometimes rich colors like that can take many, many coats

Posted by Connie Tebyani, Platinum Home Staging, Los Angeles and Ventura County (Platinum Home Staging, Inc. : RESA-Pro) about 10 years ago

What a SUPER result! The homeowner and her son must have been thrilled with the results.

You are VERY talented stager.

Posted by Liz Gallagher, Montreal Quebec RESA member (LG Home Harmony - Home Stagers & Organizers ) about 10 years ago

Janice- who would have thought?? Now that's thinking outside the box! 

Posted by Kathy Streib, Home Stager - Palm Beach County,FL -561-914-6224 (Room Service Home Staging) about 10 years ago

I love your other "B" word - BLACK!  This mural looks amazing with the black background.  Very brave of you.

Posted by Sally Weatherley, Vancouver Home Staging, Home Stager Vancouver, B.C (EXIT STAGE RIGHT) about 10 years ago

I love it !! Great job. and I think that you have coined a new phrase..buddy on a budget...I am doing alot of re-design lately, which is a good thing as staging is very slow right now for us.

Posted by Mary Lou Teague, Home Style and Staging Knoxville. TN (HOME STYLE AND STAGING LLC ) about 10 years ago

WOW, that was very creative. That bed room mural  is the bomb I just kept looking  it. Again good job.

Posted by Randy Dodd, ePro, GRI, TAHS (Rosanna's Realty) about 10 years ago

What a bold choice of colors. It looks wonderful

Posted by Virginia Tatseos (Stage-Show-Sell) about 10 years ago

Forgot to say.

Great job on the hyperlinks.

i've learned a lot from your post

Posted by Virginia Tatseos (Stage-Show-Sell) about 10 years ago

Looks like you can climb right into the graphic!

Posted by Karen Otto, Plano Home Staging, Dallas Home Staging, www.homes (Home Star Staging) about 10 years ago

Very effective Janice! The son must be ecstatic.

Of course if they ever move ... LOL.

Great job!

Posted by Janice Ankrett, Staging Professional (Janice Ankrett Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Jane - Thanks! Sometimes I surprise myself..haha!

Pam - She was thrilled.  She was afraid to ask her husband about my paint choices...thankful he trusted us!

Kevin - Thanks.  Buying murals like this one from Pottery Barn can really keep your budget inline. 

Karen - Haha....I like that one too!  Just flowed right out onto the blog! :)


Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Julie - Thanks! No I have never seen this before. When you are a Home Stager or ReDesigner you have to be able to think on your feet!! It was a great AH-HA moment!

Connie - Love that word!  Thanks!  My client primed the red first.... then only needed to add 2 coats of the blue & black :)

Liz - Thanks for your kind words! Her son is thrilled since now he has a BIG boys room and doesn'y have to share it with his brother!

Kathy - Thanks!  This paint redesign is one of my favorites!


Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Sally - Thanks!  I have worked with this client before so I am lucky she trusts my opinion :))

Mary Lou - Thank you!  Yeah "Buddy on a Budget" was another AH-HA moment...haha!  Redesigning is another great service to offer.

Randy - Thanks! I agree!  Store bought murals are a great alternative then having one painted.

Virginia - Thanks.  Could you imagine if the walls were white!


Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Virginia - Thanks!  I though maybe there were too many links......however I just couldn't stop!  :)

Karen - Exactly!

Janice - Thanks!  Yeah...as a home stager I thought about that!  However all you have to do is remove the mural and paint, paint, paint...which would probably have to have been done if the room was left red and tan!


Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Hi Janice, almost looks like a photograph taken from inside a cave looking out. Spectacular!

Posted by Michelle Finnamore, Preparing your property for sale (Toronto GTA, Alliston, Newmarket) about 10 years ago

Janice: We've all seen many creative ways to do things on a budget in those high-end, Better Homes and Garden's magazines. We'll in all seriousness, you need to submit YOUR idea. Fantastic!!!

Posted by Debra Valentine, Utah Home Staging for, Bountiful, Salt Lake & Surrounding Areas (Designing Details ~ Staging & Design, LLC) about 10 years ago

Thanks Michelle! That's the look we wanted!  Anyone can hang a mural...I wanted to bring the mural to life....on a BUDGET of course :)

Debra - WOW!  Thanks...I never thought about that idea. You made my day :))

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

What a lucky boy!   I'm sure his "one-of-a-kind" room will make him the envy of all his friends! 

Posted by Sharon Tara, New Hampshire Home Stager (Sharon Tara Transformations) about 10 years ago

Janice - I love what you did.  I am sure he was pleased with his new room.  So creative.

Posted by Wanda Richards, Shows Great Home Staging (Shows Great Home Staging and Web Solutions ) about 10 years ago

Sharon - I have heard from my client that he loves his room and spends lots of time in it! :)

Wanda - Thanks so much!  I am pretty proud of this job too!


Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago


What a really cool and creative solution!


Posted by Marianne Cherico, Home Stager -Massachusetts and Rhode Island (Interiors by Marianne Cherico) about 10 years ago

Janice, that kid must invite his friends over ALL THE TIME!! That is the coolest kid's room I've ever seen. Good job!

Posted by Annie Pinsker-Brown, Stage to Sell, Los Angeles Home Stager (Stage to Sell - LA Home Staging) about 10 years ago

Thanks Marianne!

Annie - WOW thanks that means a lot to me! His Mom told me he loves his room.

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago

Janice that is a really cool wall mural of the ocean. I love it!

Posted by Bill Gassett, Metrowest Massachusetts Real Estate (RE/MAX Executive Realty) about 10 years ago

Bill - Thanks! :)

Posted by Janice Sutton, Home Stager - Temecula Murrieta (1st Stage Property Transformations ) about 10 years ago